TeamCity via IIS on port 80, using a reverse proxy, Part 2 host filtering so you can access Teamcity and other sites in IIS at the same time

by Jon 30. October 2010 23:29

If you followed my previous post how to setup ARR Routing to set up a reverse Proxy top access TeamCity over IIS 7.5 it will work perfectly and you will be able to access TeamCity on a different port.  However…. if you create a website under IIS on the same server you wont be able to access it because the reverse proxy is forwarding every site to TeamCity!  This might work for you but its not ideal if you want to run other IIS sites on the same server, the following steps will take you through setting up a condition so only url you specify will take you to TeamCity.

  1. Open up the Server Farm you just Created, and double click on Routing Rules
  2. Click on Url Rewrite
  3. Select the first Inbound Route and Press Edit
  4. Press the Add.. Button in the conditions pane
  5. Type {HTTP_HOST} into the condition input
  6. Ender the domain you want to want to forward into the pattern, all other domains will be passed to IIS normally
  7. Press Ok
  8. Press Apply and your done

Click on Routing RulesClick on Url Rewrite

Edit the Existing RuleSpecify the Host you want to Filter By

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